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Issue 29333474: Issue 4125 - [emscripten] Convert filter classes to C++ (Closed)
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Adblock Plus core
This repository contains the generic Adblock Plus code that's shared between
platforms. This repository is not designed to be used directly, but instead to
serve as a dependency for `adblockplus`, `adblockpluschrome` and
+Compiling C++ code
+### Purpose
+In order to improve performance and memory usage, some of the code (located
+inside the `compiled` directory) is written in C++ and compiled to JavaScript
+via Empscripten.
+### Requirements
+* [Emscripten 1.35.0](https://github.com/kripken/emscripten)
+* [Python 2.7](https://www.python.org)
+* [Node.js 6 or higher](https://nodejs.org/en/)
+### Running Emscripten
+*Note*: The `compile` script will likely be replaced by a more elaborate
+solution later.
+Before you start make sure to edit the `compile` script and make sure that
+`EMSCRIPTEN_PATH` constant at the top of it points to your Emscripten install.
+After that run the following command:
+ python compile
+This will produce a `lib/compiled.js` exporting the classes defined in C++ code.
+### Technical details
+Compilation is currently a two-step process. In the first step,
+`compiled/bindings.cpp` (definitions of classes to be exported) is compiled into
+`compiled/bindings.cpp.js` with `PRINT_BINDINGS` symbol defined. This
+application is then executed via Node.js and will print JavaScript wrappers for
+the C++ classes to `compiled/bindings.js`.
+In the next step all the C++ files in `compiled` directory are compiled,
+including `compiled/bindings.cpp` - without `PRINT_BINDINGS` symbol the
+`EMSCRIPTEN_BINDINGS` macro in this file will ignore its contents but rather
+emit some functions necessary for the JavaScript bindings to work. The
+`compiled/bindings.js` file is added to the end of Emscripten output.
+The binding generation approach is heavily inspired by
+However, embind doesn't use a separate build step to produce the bindings, the
+bindings are rather generated dynamically at run time. As a side-effect, it
+increases the build size considerably and also imposes a significant performance
+penalty. Also, generating JavaScript code dynamically is discouraged for browser
+*Note*: The tricky part when generating JavaScript bindings is determining the
+mangled names of C++ methods. In order to do that, `compiled/bindings.cpp.js`
+will call these methods with invalid parameters and make them crash. The
+resulting `abort()` call is then caught by JavaScript code that reads out the
+method name from the stack. With this approach relying on some Emscripten
+internals, we have to require a specific Emscripten version.
Running the unit tests
-*Note*: The unit test suite isn't complete yet, it is in the process of being
-migrated from the
-[adblockplustests repository](https://hg.adblockplus.org/adblockplustests/).
-In order to run the unit test suite you need a reasonably recent
-[Node.js version](https://nodejs.org/). Once Node.js is installed please run
-`npm install` in the repository directory in order to install the required
-dependencies. After that you can run `npm test` which will execute all tests
-in the `test` directory of the repository.
+You first need to run `npm install` in the repository directory in order to
+install the required dependencies. After that you can run `npm test` which will
+execute all tests in the `test` directory of the repository. You can also
+specify specific test files on the command line, e.g.
+`npm test test/synchronizer.js`.
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