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Unified Diff: tests/test_parser.py

Issue 29465720: Issue 4970 - Document the library API of python-abp (Closed)
Patch Set: Rebase to match the new master and retouche the docstrings. Created Oct. 24, 2017, 4:06 p.m.
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Index: tests/test_parser.py
--- a/tests/test_parser.py
+++ b/tests/test_parser.py
@@ -97,17 +97,17 @@
'selector': {
'type': ST.XCSS,
'value': ':-abp-properties(|background-image: url(data:*))'
'options': [],
def test_parse_filters(filter_text, expected):
- """Parametric test for filter parsing"""
+ """Parametric test for filter parsing."""
parsed = parse_line(filter_text)
assert parsed.type == 'filter'
assert parsed.text == filter_text
for attribute, expected_value in expected.items():
assert getattr(parsed, attribute) == expected_value
def test_parse_comment():

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