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Unified Diff: abp/filters/parser.py

Issue 29499699: Noissue - make line_type in parser.py private and fix its docstring (Closed)
Patch Set: Created July 27, 2017, 1:19 p.m.
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Index: abp/filters/parser.py
--- a/abp/filters/parser.py
+++ b/abp/filters/parser.py
@@ -29,38 +29,40 @@
def __init__(self, error, text):
Exception.__init__(self, '{} in "{}"'.format(error, text))
self.text = text
self.error = error
-def line_type(name, field_names, format_string):
+def _line_type(name, field_names, format_string):
"""Define a line type.
:param name: The name of the line type to define.
:param field_names: A sequence of field names or one space-separated
string that contains all field names.
+ :param format_string: A format specifier for converting this line type
+ back to string representation.
:returns: Class created with `namedtuple` that has `.type` set to
lowercased `name` and supports conversion back to string with
`.to_string()` method.
lt = namedtuple(name, field_names)
lt.type = name.lower()
lt.to_string = lambda self: format_string.format(self)
return lt
-Header = line_type('Header', 'version', '[{.version}]')
-EmptyLine = line_type('EmptyLine', '', '')
-Comment = line_type('Comment', 'text', '! {.text}')
-Metadata = line_type('Metadata', 'key value', '! {0.key}: {0.value}')
-Filter = line_type('Filter', 'expression', '{.expression}')
-Include = line_type('Include', 'target', '%include {0.target}%')
+Header = _line_type('Header', 'version', '[{.version}]')
+EmptyLine = _line_type('EmptyLine', '', '')
+Comment = _line_type('Comment', 'text', '! {.text}')
+Metadata = _line_type('Metadata', 'key value', '! {0.key}: {0.value}')
+Filter = _line_type('Filter', 'expression', '{.expression}')
+Include = _line_type('Include', 'target', '%include {0.target}%')
METADATA_REGEXP = re.compile(r'!\s*(\w+)\s*:\s*(.*)')
METADATA_KEYS = {'Homepage', 'Title', 'Expires', 'Checksum', 'Redirect',
INCLUDE_REGEXP = re.compile(r'%include\s+(.+)%')
HEADER_REGEXP = re.compile(r'\[(Adblock(?:\s*Plus\s*[\d\.]+?)?)\]', flags=re.I)
@@ -85,17 +87,17 @@
raise ParseError('Unrecognized instruction', text)
return Include(match.group(1))
def parse_line(line_text):
"""Parse one line of a filter list.
:param line_text: Line of a filter list (must be a unicode string).
- :returns: Parsed line object (see `line_type`).
+ :returns: Parsed line object (see `_line_type`).
:raises ParseError: If the line can't be successfully parsed.
content = line_text.strip()
if content == '':
line = EmptyLine()
elif content.startswith('!'):
line = _parse_comment(content)
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