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Unified Diff: pages/filters.html

Issue 29500694: Issue 5454 - Remove simplified element hiding (Closed) Base URL: https://hg.adblockplus.org/web.adblockplus.org/
Patch Set: Created July 28, 2017, 8:56 p.m.
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Index: pages/filters.html
--- a/pages/filters.html
+++ b/pages/filters.html
@@ -266,20 +266,16 @@
<code><fix>example.com#@#div.textad</fix></code>.}} {{s103 The combination of these two
rules has exactly the same effect as the single rule
<code><fix>~example.com##div.textad</fix></code>.}} {{s104 It is recommended that you use
exception rules only when you cannot change an overly general element hiding rule, in all the
other cases limiting this rule to the necessary domains is preferable.}}
{{ exception-rules These exceptions will be applied to <a href="#elemhide-emulation">advanced pseudo-selector rules</a> as well. }}
- <h3 id="elemhide_simplified">{{s105 Simplified element hiding syntax}}</h3>
- <p>{{s106 Adblock Plus supports simplified element hiding syntax (e.g. <code><fix>#div(id=foo)</fix></code>) for backwards compatibility only. Using this syntax is discouraged, usual CSS selectors are preferred. Support for this syntax might be removed at some point.}}</p>
<h3 id="generic-specific">{{generic-specific-title Generic / Specific filters}}</h3>
<p>{{generic-specific-explanation-p1 With the <code><fix>$generichide</fix></code> and <code><fix>$genericblock</fix></code> filter options the distinction between generic and specific filters becomes important.}}</p>
<p>{{generic-specific-explanation-p2 We classify a filter to be <strong>specific</strong> if it matches one or more domains or matches a sitekey. If a filter has no domains specified (or only domain exceptions) and no sitekey then it counts as <strong>generic</strong>. For example, <code><fix>example.com##div.textad</fix></code> is a specific filter, whereas both <code><fix>##div.textad</fix></code> and <code><fix>~example.com##div.textad</fix></code> are generic.}}</p>
<p>{{generic-specific-explanation-p3 Note that with blocking rules the domain must be specified under the $domain option for them to be considered specific. For example, <code><fix>||example.com^</fix></code> is considered generic whereas <code><fix>*/ads/*$domain=example.com</fix></code> is site-specific.}}</p>
<h2 id="sitekey_server">{{s107 Implementing a sitekey on the server}}</h2>
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