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Unified Diff: c++/clang-format/README.md

Issue 29537634: Noissue - clang-format configuration file for C++
Patch Set: new version Created Sept. 15, 2017, 12:31 p.m.
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Index: c++/clang-format/README.md
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+A file containing style configuration for [`clang-format`][clang-format-docs]
+that formats according to the
+[Adblock Plus coding style guide][abp-coding-style-cpp] for C++.
+When `clang-format` receives its style configuration from a file, it searches
+for style configuration in the directory of each input file and then each parent
+directory. Copy the format file to the parent directory of the working
+directory. In this way it will `clang-format` will find the format file and
+the version control system will not.
+The configuration file must be named either "`.clang-format`" or
+"`_clang-format`". At the present time there's no command line option to specify
+the file name.
+ clang-format -style=file [...]
+The option "-style=file" (note that this is the word "file", not a file name)
+says to perform a directory search for the configuration. For the rest of the
+command line, see the `clang-format` documentation link above.
+`clang-format` is a complete reformatter; it largely ignores whitespace within
+the input and reformats code according to its specified rules. Its treatment of
+whitespace within comments, however, is different, within which it preserves
+whitespace by default. If the automatically-formatted code is not acceptable,
+interventions are available.
+* Formatting can be turned on and off with explicit special comments.
+ // clang-format off
+ // clang-format on
+ /* clang-format off */
+ /* clang-format on */
+* Line-end comments contain an embedded newline that `clang-format` will retain.
+To prevent a manually-split line from unwrapping, add a `//`-comment at the end
+of the line; it can be empty.
+For more information, see the answer to this Stack Overflow question:
+[Clang-format line breaks][SO-1]
+Clang Version Support
+The present version is for Clang 4. One option (`BreakConstructorInitializers`)
+we're using has changed in Clang 5. If you want to use Clang 5, edit the file as
+part of installation. Uncomment the new version and comment out the old one.
+[clang-format-docs]: http://clang.llvm.org/docs/ClangFormat.html
+[abp-coding-style-cpp]: https://adblockplus.org/coding-style#cpp
+[SO-1]: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/33656800/clang-format-line-breaks#answer-34362422
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