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Unified Diff: sitescripts/reports/utils.py

Issue 29544668: Noissue - Indicate that the dump field is binary to avoid database warnings about bad UTF-8 encoding (Closed) Base URL: https://hg.adblockplus.org/sitescripts/
Patch Set: Created Sept. 14, 2017, 12:01 p.m.
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Index: sitescripts/reports/utils.py
--- a/sitescripts/reports/utils.py
+++ b/sitescripts/reports/utils.py
@@ -92,19 +92,19 @@ def saveReport(guid, reportData, isNew=F
contact = getUserId(reportData.get('email', None)) if reportData.get('email', None) else None
dumpstr = marshal.dumps(reportData)
if contact != None and isNew:
executeQuery(cursor, 'INSERT INTO #PFX#users (id, reports) VALUES (%s, 1) ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE reports = reports + 1', contact)
'''INSERT INTO #PFX#reports (guid, type, ctime, site, comment, status, contact, hasscreenshot, knownissues, dump)
VALUES (%(guid)s, %(type)s, FROM_UNIXTIME(%(ctime)s), %(site)s, %(comment)s, %(status)s, %(contact)s,
- %(hasscreenshot)s, %(knownissues)s, %(dump)s) ON DUPLICATE KEY
+ %(hasscreenshot)s, %(knownissues)s, _binary %(dump)s) ON DUPLICATE KEY
UPDATE type = %(type)s, site = %(site)s, comment = %(comment)s, status = %(status)s,
- hasscreenshot = %(hasscreenshot)s, knownissues = %(knownissues)s, dump = %(dump)s''',
+ hasscreenshot = %(hasscreenshot)s, knownissues = %(knownissues)s, dump = _binary %(dump)s''',
{'guid': guid, 'type': reportData.get('type', None), 'ctime': reportData['time'], 'site': reportData.get('siteName', None),
'comment': reportData.get('comment', None), 'status': reportData.get('status', None), 'contact': contact,
'hasscreenshot': reportData.get('hasscreenshot', 0), 'knownissues': knownIssues, 'dump': dumpstr})
if len(reportData['subscriptions']) > 0:
for sn in reportData['subscriptions']:
executeQuery(cursor, 'SELECT id FROM #PFX#subscriptions WHERE url = %s', sn['id'])
id = cursor.fetchone()
if id != None:
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