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Issue 29584613: #4431 - Introduce sitescripts.reports.web.resolveReport handler (Closed)
Patch Set: Created Oct. 20, 2017, 1:46 p.m.
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Index: sitescripts/reports/README.md
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+# Scripts and web handlers for reports
+## resolveReport
+This handler is mounted under `/resolveReport` and should be called as follows:
+ http://<hostname>/<prefix>/resolveReport?<encrypted-report-id>
+If the report id is successfully decrypted, a `302 Found` response will be
+returned redirectring to the url of the report. If the encrypted report id
+is in the wrong format or encryption fails, a `404 Not Found` response will be
+### Configuration
+The handler is configured via sitescripts config. In order to activate this
+handler, add the following line to multiplexer config:
+ [multiplexer]
+ sitescripts.reports.web.resolveReport =
+Its own configuration is in the section `reports_anonymization`:
+ [reports_anonymization]
+ encryption_key = <base64-encrypted-key>
+ redirect_url = https://target.host.com/reports/{report_id}
+The redirect URL could be any string. `{report_id}` will be replaced by
+decrypted id of the report.
mathias 2017/10/24 14:53:44 There's a `the` missing between `by` and `decrypte
Vasily Kuznetsov 2017/10/24 15:36:57 Why do you think so? I don't mean to disagree, jus
mathias 2017/10/24 16:08:18 I cannot cite (read: am too lazy to dig up) some s
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