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Side by Side Diff: _locales/en_GB/store.description

Issue 29613555: Noissue - Purge orphaned store.description (Closed) Base URL: https://hg.adblockplus.org/adblockpluschrome/file/a6d5e9202eb4
Patch Set: Created Nov. 21, 2017, 8:56 a.m.
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1 {
2 "store.description": {
3 "message": "Adblock Plus blocks all annoying ads, and supports websites by n ot blocking unobtrusive ads by default (configurable).\n\nEnjoy surfing the web without obtrusive ads cluttering your screen! Adblock Plus for Google Chrome blo cks: \n\n· Banners\n· YouTube video ads\n· Facebook advertisements\n· Pop-ups\n· All other obtrusive ads\n\nAdblock Plus is the world’s most popular browser ext ension, and is used by millions of users worldwide. It is a community-driven ope n source project, and hundreds of volunteers are contributing to the success of Adblock Plus to make sure that all annoying ads are automatically blocked.\n\nPl ease note: When installing Adblock Plus for Chrome, your browser shows a warning that Adblock Plus for Chrome has access to your browsing history and data. This is a standard message, we NEVER collect any information whatsoever!\n\nRecently , the Adblock Plus community introduced the Acceptable Ads initiative. By allowi ng some small and static ads, you support websites that rely on advertising but choose to do it in a non-intrusive way. This feature can be disabled at any time . Go to http://adblockplus.org/en/acceptable-ads to find out more.\n\n********** *\nRelease announcements and changelogs can be found here: http://adblockplus.or g/releases/\n\nProblems? Try restarting Chrome and/or clicking \"Update now\" in the Adblock Plus Options.\n\nFound a bug? We are aware of some issues: http://a dblockplus.org/en/known-issues-chrome. If you found more or need help, visit our forum: https://adblockplus.org/forum/viewforum.php?f=10.\n\n*************\nFeel ing adventurous? Try out a development build to always get the latest features o f Chrome Adblock Plus: http://adblockplus.org/en/development-builds (updated sep arately, independent settings).\n"
4 }
5 }
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