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Issue 29628724: Issue 5521 - Restructure CMS documentation to make it easier to use and extend (Closed) Base URL: https://hg.adblockplus.org/cms
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+# Syncing translations #
+Before syncing translations ensure the following:
+- The `crowdin-project-name` setting has been set in the site's configuration.
+- The `urllib3` Python module is installed.
+Now to sync with Crowdin type the following:
+ python -m cms.bin.translate www_directory crowdin_project_api_key [logging_level]
+The script might take a while to run, it does the following things:
+1. Requests information about your Crowdin project
+2. Checks all local locales are supported by Crowdin and enabled for your project
+3. Renders all pages in your default language and extracts all page strings
+4. Creates any required directories in your Crowdin project
+5. Uploads any new page strings and updates any existing page strings
+6. Uploads any pre-existing translation files for any newly uploaded pages
+7. Requests Crowdin generate a fresh translations export archive
+8. Downloads the archive of translations and extracts it replacing all local
+ translation files
+- You have to use the Crowdin project's API key, not your account API key
+- You should probably enable "Skip untranslated strings" under your
+ project settings.
+- Translations are only _uploaded_ for new files. If you are syncing with
+ Crowdin for the first time, and you have existing translation files pay
+ attention to any warnings. If there are any problems it is recommended
+ you re-create another fresh Crowdin project and try again. (Otherwise
+ translations for the pages already uploaded could be lost!)
+- If you are running the script from a cronjob or similar you will probably
+ want to set the logging level to `ERROR` or similar

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