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Issue 29755578: Issue 2148 - Rewrite the testpages test suite (Closed)
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1 # testpages.adblockplus.org web content
3 The web content of the testpages.adblockplus.org domain is generated automatical ly from the files
4 in this repository. For more information and usage instructions see
5 [CMS documentation](https://github.com/adblockplus/cms/blob/master/README.md#con tent-structure).
7 ## Running locally
9 To run locally:
10 * Redirect testpages.adblockplus.org to point at the local machine (via /etc/hos ts/)
11 * Run the CMS test server on port 80: cms>runserver.py ..\testpages.adblockplus. org -p 80

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