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Issue 29975555: Issue 7194 - Avoid linting old jsyhydra dependency

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1 year ago by kzar
1 year ago
Sebastian Noack


Issue 7194 - Avoid linting old jsyhydra dependency

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Patch Set 1 "Why not just delete the jshydra directory?" - Well, it'll keep getting ...
1 year ago (2019-01-07 14:17:04 UTC) #1
Sebastian Noack
On 2019/01/07 14:17:04, kzar wrote: > Patch Set 1 > > "Why not just delete ...
1 year ago (2019-01-07 22:29:33 UTC) #2
Sebastian Noack
1 year ago (2019-01-07 23:29:32 UTC) #3
On 2019/01/07 22:29:33, Sebastian Noack wrote:
> I recommend to just call "hg clean" after switching between revisions,
> which will take care of deleting the the jshydra directory if any.

I just realized that unfortunately this won't work, due to
ensure_dependencies.py only adding dependencies to be ignored by version
control, leaving the ignores in place after the dependency has been removed.
Let's move this discussion to https://issues.adblockplus.org/ticket/7194.
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