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Issue 5169693514006528: Issue 1498 - Look for iptables on the system first (Closed)

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5 years ago by Felix Dahlke
5 years ago
Wladimir Palant
René Jeschke


Issue 1498 - Look for iptables on the system first Lollipop needs iptables as PIE executable, the one we ship doesn't fit the bill. Fortunately, Android has been shipping an iptables executable we can use since around Honeycomb - so with this patch we're looking for iptables on the system first. (Note that there's another patch for this against adblockplusandroid 1.2.1, with some discussion: http://codereview.adblockplus.org/6006698351263744/)

Patch Set 1 : #

Unified diffs Side-by-side diffs Delta from patch set Stats (+14 lines, -8 lines) Patch
M src/org/adblockplus/android/configurators/IptablesProxyConfigurator.java View 2 chunks +14 lines, -8 lines 0 comments Download


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Felix Dahlke
Note that we can most likely increase the minSdkVersion to Honeycomb and just get rid ...
5 years ago (2015-01-14 18:31:13 UTC) #1
Wladimir Palant
5 years ago (2015-01-14 18:42:29 UTC) #2
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