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Unified Diff: modules/statsmaster/templates/awstats.conf

Issue 6293281981857792: Issue 239 - Move AWStats processing to the stats server (Closed)
Patch Set: Added IP address anonymization and addressed review comments Created April 25, 2014, 7:38 a.m.
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Index: modules/statsmaster/templates/awstats.conf
--- a/modules/statsmaster/templates/awstats.conf
+++ b/modules/statsmaster/templates/awstats.conf
@@ -546,17 +546,17 @@ OnlyFiles=""
# Pages/URL report.
# Note: If you want to exclude particular URLs from stats (No Pages and no
# Hits reported), you must use SkipFiles parameter.
# Change : Effective for new updates only
# Example: "css js class gif jpg jpeg png bmp ico zip arj gz z wav mp3 wma mpg"
# Example: ""
# Default: "css js class gif jpg jpeg png bmp ico"
-NotPageList="css js class gif jpg jpeg png bmp ico swf xml rdf"
+NotPageList="css js class gif jpg jpeg png bmp ico swf xml rdf woff otf ttf"
# By default, AWStats considers that records found in web log file are
# successful hits if HTTP code returned by server is a valid HTTP code (200
# and 304). Any other code are reported in HTTP status chart.
# Note that HTTP 'control codes', like redirection (302, 305) are not added by
# default in this list as they are not pages seen by a visitor but are
# protocol exchange codes to tell the browser to ask another page. Because
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