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Issue 29800600: Fixes #93 - Updated privacy policy for adblock.ai (Closed) Base URL: https://hg.adblockplus.org/web.adblockplus.org
Patch Set: Addressed #10-16 Created June 7, 2018, 3:23 p.m.
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Index: pages/privacy.md
--- a/pages/privacy.md
+++ b/pages/privacy.md
@@ -34,16 +34,17 @@
- {{ data-processed-item-19[list item] String / function name identifying the error }}
1. {{ data-processed-item-20[list item] While using our websites: }}
- {{ data-processed-item-21[list item] Automatically: }}
- {{ data-processed-item-22[list item] IP address (stored separately) }}
- {{ data-processed-item-23[list item] The time at which the request was made }}
- {{ data-processed-item-24[list item] The web address accessed }}
- {{ data-processed-item-25[list item] The browser identifier }}
- {{ data-processed-item-26[list item] The referring page }}
+ - {{ data-processed-item-32[list item] For adblock.ai only: analytics data }}
- {{ data-processed-item-27[list item] Voluntary: }}
- {{ data-processed-item-28[list item] Forum registration data }}
- {{ data-processed-item-29[list item] Email address }}
- {{ data-processed-item-30[list item] Data you provide in comments }}
- {{ data-processed-item-31[list item] Feedback and filter data }}
### {{ how-we-collect-heading[heading] How do we collect data? }} {: #how-we-collect-data }
@@ -53,36 +54,38 @@
- {{ tools-item-2[list item] Update checks }}
- {{ tools-item-3[list item] Subscription downloads }}
- {{ tools-item-4[list item] Sending issue reports }}
- {{ tools-item-5[list item] Emergency notification checks }}
2. {{ tools-item-6[list item] On our websites: }}
- {{ tools-item-7[list item] Cookies, only where you can log in }}
- {{ tools-item-8[list item] Log files }}
- {{ tools-item-9[list item] Data, like name and / or email address, sent by you when using our forum or blog, or when sharing manually added filters }}
+ - {{ tools-item-10[list item] For adblock.ai only: via Google Analytics }}
### {{ why-we-process-heading[heading] How and why do we process your data? }} {: #why-we-process-data }
- {{ why-we-process-item-1[list item] In order to inform you about urgent issues in connection with our products. }}
- {{ why-we-process-item-2[list item] To improve and to evaluate our products by processing and analyzing subscription downloads, extension updates, emergency downloads and issue reports you send to us. }}
- {{ why-we-process-item-3[list item] For technical purposes, such as, but not limited to, preventing security attacks, to improve our website / products, to ensure website / product security. }}
-- {{ why-we-process-item-4[list item] To analyze aggregated website logs, to improve our website. }}
+- {{ why-we-process-item-4[list item] To analyze aggregated website logs and - at adblock.ai only - analytics data, to improve our website. }}
- {{ why-we-process-item-5[list item] For communication and assistance purposes in our forum and blog. }}
### {{ what-is-legal[heading] What is the legal basis of data processing? }} {: #what-is-legal }
{{ what-is-legal We process your personal data in compliance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) (“GDPR”), the applicable EU laws and German national data protection laws. }}
### {{ how-long[heading] How long do we keep data? }} {: #how-long }
1. {{ how-long-item-1[list item] For a period of 30 days: }}
- {{ how-long-item-2[list item] Issue report data }}
- {{ how-long-item-3[list item] Crash and error reporter data }}
- {{ how-long-item-4[list item] Website logs }}
- {{ how-long-item-5[list item] Data related to subscription downloads, extension update checks, emergency notifications }}
+ - {{ how-long-item-7[list item] Google Analytics data }}
2. {{ how-long-item-6[list item] Blog and forum data as long as the respective comment / account exists }}
{{ how-long-paragraph **Note**: “Aggregated usage statistics” and other data without any connection to single users may be retained beyond these periods. }}
### {{ our-values-heading[heading] Our values }} {: #our-values }
{{ our-values-paragraph We collect as little data as possible. As far as anonymous or pseudonymous use is possible we anonymize or pseudonymize your data. }}
@@ -348,16 +351,36 @@
###### {{ retention-website-requests-heading[heading] Data retention }} {: #retention-website-requests }
{{ stored-website-requests-paragraph The request to our Websites, including your IP address, is stored when you create a forum post, submit a contact form, or add a blog comment. This allows administrators to effectively address spam content and security breaches. All stored requests are deleted after 30 days. }}
###### {{ cookies-heading[heading] Cookies }} {: #cookies }
{{ cookies-paragraph Several areas of our Websites use cookies to recognize signed in users or to store settings. Cookies are small files that are stored on your computer with the help of your internet browser. Cookies are not evaluated in any other manner and are never used to track Website visitors. If you do not want to enable cookies, you can opt against using them by selecting the appropriate settings on your browser. Please note that the efficiency and range of eyeo's services may be restricted as a result. }}
+###### {{ adblock-ai-heading[heading] At adblock.ai }} {: #adblock-ai }
+{{ adblock-ai-paragraph-1 At our website adblock.ai we are automatically collecting the following information: }}
+**{{ facebook-messenger-integration-heading[heading] Facebook messenger integration }}**
+{: #facebook-messenger-integration }
+{{ facebook-messenger-integration-1 We have embedded the Facebook Messenger functionality, owned by Facebook, Inc., into the adblock.ai website to enable you to submit screenshots to our bot (“Adblock AI”) via Messenger, without having to access the Facebook website. Please note that Messenger is hosted by Facebook. We have disabled the function that would otherwise send personal data to Facebook when you access our website; however, when you click on the button to help train Adblock AI with your screenshots (“START NOW”) you will activate Messenger. Only then will some personal data, including IP address, be transferred to Facebook. For more information, please review Facebook's [privacy policy](https://facebook.com/privacy/explanation). If you don’t want to transfer the data to Facebook, please do not click on the button to send information to Adblock AI through Facebook’s Messenger. }}
+**{{ google-analytics-heading[heading] Google Analytics }}**
+{: #google-analytics }
+{{ google-analytics-paragraph-1 We use Google Analytics on our Website, a web analysis service of Google Inc. ("Google"). Google Analytics uses so-called "cookies" (text files which are stored on your computer and which enable you to analyze your use of our Website). The information generated by the cookie on your use of our Website (including your abbreviated IP address) is transmitted to a Google server in the United States and are stored there. Google will use this information to assess your use of our Website, to compile reports on the activities for us and to provide more services connected with use of our Website and the internet. It is also possible that Google may transmit this information to third parties if this is required by law, or if third parties process this information on behalf of Google. }}
+{{ google-analytics-paragraph-2 You can deactivate Google Analytics by means of a browser add-on if you do not want to participate in Website analysis. You can download this here: }}
+{{ google-analytics-paragraph-3 All Google Analytics data will be deleted after 30 days. }}
##### {{ volentary-info-heading[heading] Information you give to us on a voluntary basis }} {: #voluntary-info }
{{ voluntary-info-paragraph The Adblock Plus [forum](https://adblockplus.org/forum/) and [blog](https://adblockplus.org/blog/) are both publicly available to all visitors. If you write a post or comment, we collect and process personal data as follows: }}
###### {{ forum-registration-heading[heading] Forum registration }} {: #forum-registration }
{{ forum-registration-paragraph-1 We use personal data you entered during forum registration to form the user's public profile, which is visible to other forum visitors for the purpose that users can associate forum posts with a particular person. }}
@@ -377,12 +400,12 @@
{{ email-collection-paragraph Some of eyeo's Websites host product campaigns that rely on email collection. For example, you can request a link by email to install Adblock Browser on your mobile device. We do not use third parties to manage these campaigns. Instead, data that you submit is handled in-house (i.e. turned into an email or used to send the email). We will never share or sell your email address, or any other information collected, to any third parties. }}
###### {{ retention-communications-heading[heading] Email collection }} {: #retention-communications }
{{ retention-communications-paragraph-1 Data provided by you in connection with our blog and our forum will be retained for the same time as the comment and / or your account exists. }}
{{ retention-communications-paragraph-2 In general, we do not store your email address unless it’s specifically required to execute the related campaign (i.e. email signups for a newsletter or signing up to get notified about a product launch). In cases where we do store your email address, we only store it for the length of time that is needed to execute the campaign (i.e. once you’ve been notified of the launch). }}
-<time datetime="2018-05">{{ publication-date May 2018 }}</time>
+<time datetime="2018-06">{{ publication-date June 2018 }}</time>
*[{{ gdpr-abbr[GDPR abbreviation] GDPR }}]: {{gdpr-abbr-dfn[General Data Protection Regulation abbreviation definition] General Data Protection Regulation }}
*[{{ eu-abbr[EU abbreviation] EU }}]: {{eu-abbr-dfn[European Union abbreviation definition] European Union }}
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